World Paper Money

The ONLY Constantly Updated World Paper Money Auction Report!

  • Over 800,000 Actual Auction Results
  • 500 to 2,000 auction results added daily
  • Approximately 35,000 new auction results added every month
  • Set the program to your Local Language and Local Currency
  • Complete Control – Select & Sort the way you want
  • Sort by Grade, Note Type, Auction Date, Price and more
  • Drill down on individual Catalog Numbers
  • Exclude Ebay data if you want!
  • Refine your searches by note variances (i.e. P1 or just P1a or just P1b, etc.)

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No More Wasted Time Searching Through Pricing Catalogs or Estimating the Value of Multiple-Note Lots

  • Using a proprietary algorithm that breaks down and prorates pricing of multiple note lots.
  • Get Real Auction Results for the Entire World
  • Make sense of “wild west” pricing with real auction results.
  • No need to spend hours searching through the Pick catalog and online for pricing.

Search specific parameters to get actual values – no more estimating or guessing!

  • Increase you pricing accuracy with constantly updated auction results
  • 40-50% of world paper money auction lots have more than one note. Why spend hours hours trying to figure out how much each note is worth?
  • The Pick catalog can be hundred, even thousands of dollars off. Track&Price make sense of thes huge price swings with actual auction results with its sophisticated prorating algorithm

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