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Track and Price for U.S. Currency is the easiest software and the most complete data for currency that I have ever used. It is a joy!

Awesome new tool...very cool...check goes out Monday morning...


As I have mentioned to you prior, I cannot live without Track and Price.


Thanks Sandy! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product.


For the honor of currency collection: All auction houses selling currency would mention if the note is T&P or not. They should ALSO mention if it has changed grading holders. Collectors would get onboard with this and would always check notes (has it been cleaned? Pressed? Repaired?) Items like 1957 $1 silver certificates might be harder to justify since they are still available by the wheel barrow load. But seeing a well circulated note go from a professionally graded 15 to an eBay "strong VF" would drop off considerably. If enough consumers know how it works, this in itself would curtail unscrupulous dealers/traders/etc.Enjoy Your Day!


We know that there is a sea of paper money dealers out there, most of whom use your T+P.


As always, the program is GREAT!


I used the software quite a bit during the evaluation period and am very pleased with the design range of functionality and ease of use. You have done a great job with the development and marketing of this product. I can recall a few discussions back in the early days of Ebay when you were first developing this product. It has become a great tool that has had a very positive influence on our hobby/profession. Congratulations and thanks for providing this wonderful product and always working to improve and add to it.


Track & Price is so flexible and intuitive, anyone can use it.

This is the best program I've used yet to quickly pull up notes, make changes and get reports.


Track & Price for U.S. Nationals give you the power of accurate, up-to-date pricing....along with the ability to easily manage your collection.


Just downloaded your Track&Price software, really an amazing product.