U.S. Smart Phone Instructions

  1. Login using your User Id and Password

    Manual Logout

    There may be a time when you try to login and get the message “This account is currently using the system from another device. Logout from the other device to use this one”

    To resolve:

    • Click the Manual Login (just below and to the right of Login button)
    • Enter your email and password and then click Logout button
    • Now you can login
  2. There are 3 bars (lines) at the top right of your phoneClicking on the 3 bars will display a dropdown list.
    Click u click here and select “Logout” to log out of the T&P system.

    • Large, Small, Fractionals, Colonials
      The currency type you select will display all Friedberg numbers
      This is the Summary of all catalog numbers.
    • Nationals
      1. Does Not display all Charter Numbers (this is due to the response time it takes to display all 12,635 charter numbers
      2. Display all Charter Numbers – Click the “Show all” button
        This will display all charters in a separate tab on your browser
        (This can take from 5 to 30 seconds)
      3. Search for a specific Charter number
        • Enter the charter number in the Charter Num field
        • Click the Search button
  3. Searching for a Catalog Number. There are 2 ways to do this.
    A. Enter the CatNum you want to see in the FR. Num or Charter Num field at the left.
    Click the Search button
    You will then be located at the specified row at the right.

    B. Use the scroll bars at the right of the Summary display and click on the desired

  4. Displaying Auction Results
    Click on the Auction tab at the upper left.
    The Auction Results for the selected CatNum will display.

    Note: to go to another CatNum while in Auction Results, simply enter the new number in
    in the FR. Num or Charter Num and click the Search button.
    (You do NOT have to go back to the Summary page)

  5. Auction Results page
    The left side of the page allows you to ‘slice and dice’ the auction results so you can
    display only the portion of the data that you would really like to see.

    As I explain the various fields below not all fields are relevant for every currency type.
    Where there are differences they will be noted.

    Grade – you can enter a grade range (for example if you only wanted to records graded
    Very Fine (20) to Extra Fine (40). You select 20 in the 1st box and 40 in the second.
    Then click the Search button

    Graded By – you can specify which TPG (third party grading service) PMG, PCGS, etc
    that you want to display

    Serial Num – to see records for a specific serial number then enter the number and
    click Search. (This applies to all types except Fractionals which do not have
    serial numbers)

    Source – this permits you to see results for a specific source (i.e. Heritage)

    Stars Only (Large Size Only) – display only Star notes. Click the Stars Only box so you
    see a checkmark and then click Search

    Exclude Ebay – do not display any records from Ebay. Click the Exclude Ebay box so you
    see a checkmark.

    Max Records – Specifies the maximum number of records to display.
    The default is to display a maximum of 100 records (This reduces response time)
    To see more records select a different number of records you want to display.

    Also at the upper right of the screen you will see Records with the values
    xxx/yyy xxx = the number of records currently displayed
    yyy = the Total number of records that exist for this CatNum.

    Sort By – sort displayed records in different sequences.
    A. by Date (default)
    B. by Serial Number (all types except Fractionals)
    C. by Grade
    D. by Price

    Special (Small Size Only) – this field allows you to filter your display to see
    A. All – all records (default)
    B. Stars – display only Star notes. Click Stars Only and then click Search
    C. Packs – display only Pack records. Click Packs and then click Search
    D. Sets – display Federal Reserve sets. Click Sets and then click Search
    E. Sheets – display Sheets only. Click Sheets and then click Search
    F. Fancy – display Fancy notes only. Click Fancy and then click Search
    Note: look at the Comments to see what type of Fancy note.

    Type (Nationals Only) – this field allows to display results for specific note types
    A. 1865 notes
    B. 1875 notes
    C. 1882 notes
    D. 1902PB & DB notes
    E. 1902RS notes
    F. 1929 notes

    Note: this is very useful since if for example your want to see 1929 results you
    do not normally care about results for other note types for the charter.

    Note: Highlighting a specific Auction result
    Click anywhere on the auction result row you want.
    The entire row will turn Blue making it easier for you to review.